FMB & Trustmark

FMB is Government endorsed through the TrustMark scheme.

FMB & Trustmark builders are inspected and approved for quality standards and have work vetted by an independent body at least every 3 years.

Below are a few credentials needed to become a FMB & Trustmark builder

  • have passed independent financial and other checks.
  • have met with local FMB Branch approval.
  • have public and employer liability insurance.
  • have no un-discharged bankruptcies or relevant and outstanding County Court Judgements against company.
  • are VAT registered.
  • have passed credit checks, public record and director checks.
  • have confirmed their commitment to the FMB and TrustMark’s Code of Practice.

Trustmark is recognised by local authorities throughout the UK for grant aided and
improvement works.
It offers the optional protection of a 10 year insurance backed warranty on the work they do